Art Modeling

Art Modeling
Art Modeling Description

This category of modeling, also sometimes referred to as life modeling or figure modeling, focuses on live modeling in front of an artist or group of students, who either draw, paint, sculpt, photograph or in other ways capture the model in various poses and motion.

As the title states, this form of modeling, is about the art of documenting the human body through one of the above mentioned art mediums.

Art modeling is usually a solo venture, although on some occasions, several art models may find themselves posing together in the same project.


A lot of attention is brought to carefully embody the nature of details found in the human body, either as is, with natural light, but also sometimes with specific artistic, directional light, which creates expressive highlights or shadows throughout the body of the model, for the artists to train their capturing abilities on.

Pace & Poses

When performing art modeling, models will usually undergo a wide selection of poses, all while mimicking different gestures and expressions in specifically timed intervals ranging from 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5, 10, 15, 20 which continues through the session.

Sessions may be as lengthy as an hour, up to a good few hours and even half a day, where some projects extend further for recurring sessions over several weeks.

Common poses will include upright standing and sitting positions, along with lying positions in different shapes and sizes.

More demanding poses will only be required to hold for a very short time up to a minute or two, while more relaxed poses may extend to 20 minutes, 40 minutes or even hours with small breaks in between.

Dress Code

Although it’s not always the case, art modeling will on most occasions require at least some form of nudity, with complete nudity being the most commonly preferred option.


Art modeling is not limited to, but will usually take place in an artists’ studio, specific art schools and any other schools, colleges or universities who exercise art classes.


There aren’t any known art modeling agencies in its common sense, yet some localized central hubs of art model guilds and unions do exist, who help certify the experience of a listed art model along with a base fee.

For the most part though, art models are working freelance and search for their own jobs and gigs, mostly through online networks and local communities.


Art modeling is for anyone and any gender. There is no height, weight, ethnicity, race or any other form of physical requirement, other than being of age, which in most cases means being at least 18 years.

However, seeing as art modeling often will require complete nudity, it’s an absolute must for a model to feel completely comfortable in their own body, even in front of an audience.

Another important aspect is the ability to withstand prolonged sessions, locked in a single pose for extended periods of time. This is not as much of a problem if the model is lying down or sitting comfortably, as opposed to an upright standing position of course.

And lastly, having the adapt skill to swiftly change in and out of new interesting and dynamic poses, on very short intervals, when required to do so.

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