Catalogue Modeling

Catalogue Modeling
Catalogue Modeling Description

Whenever we flip through a clothes catalogue, browse an online clothing store or scroll through a clothes magazine app, we’ll see models who are displaying various trendy fashion articles and accessories throughout the media publication.

Depending on the client, doing catalogue work may be a brief affair and yet a lengthy endevor stretching over several weeks.


Although clothes are tied with fashion and more so with editorials in particular, they’re of course still a product that needs selling. Clothes manufactures, retailers or third party sellers like big shopping warehouses, will often display their line of clothes on their website, in apps, in physical catalogues and in weekly shopping magazines, in order for the consumer to easily get a great overview and be able to pick and choose.

The hard line keeps diminishing when it comes to modeling categories in regards to clothes, and it’s frequently seen that models who do catalogue work for clients, also do editorial work and even walk the runways.

The general difference between the two categories in theory is, that models who do catalogue work have to appeal to the masses, reflect their customer base and thereby create sales for the client, where models who do editorial and runway work, are favored more for their edgy or exotic look and personalities for brand association value.


The requirements for doing catalogue work, really comes down to the needs of each individual client. High end clothing brands will have strict preferential requirements in regards to body height and measurements. Usually around the same stats as fashion modeling in general. However, most others will have more forgiving expectations and will be more relaxed in regards to height and measurements.

The common denominator usually conforms to the model having good looks, great skin, nice smile and the quality of being easily associated with, by the shoppers.

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