Character & Lifestyle Modeling

Character & Lifestyle Modeling

Character Modeling Description

Character & lifestyle models may be of any age range, ethnicity, height and weight proportions and appear in any social, educational or commercial role thinkable within human society.

They are healthy looking and while also attractive, not meant to strike the audience as typical models, but more as real people in everyday circumstances.

Immersive Qualities

Character & lifestyle modeling is most typically used in commercial marketing for advertising, with focus on displaying what would appear to be everyday people in everyday life, associated with a product, but may also serve as editorial context to an informational publication.

The first thing a viewer will think of when looking at an advertising piece or editorial where character & lifestyle models appear, is exactly of what role they appear as, be it a teacher, scientist, doctor, businessperson, dancer, musician, artist, firefighter, astronaut, shop owner and so on, to caring family members or ordinary happy people either walking, sitting and interacting with each other or a product in everyday places.


Because of the range and diversity of products in need of advertisement, the variety of character & lifestyle models come in all shapes, ages, ethnicities and sizes.

Ironically, other than boasting health and a certain natural charm, the only real thing prohibiting a model from doing character & lifestyle model work, is if they look too much like a model. More specifically if they for instance have the stats and distinctive looks of a high end fashion editorial or runway model.

A model, looking like a model that performs a role as a character & lifestyle model, is detrimental to the immersive quality needed for an audience to engage a product with genuine interest and trust.

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