Fit Modeling

Fit Modeling
Fit Modeling Description

Fit models, and sometimes called fitting models, work as live mannequins for clothing designers in order for them to create new designs, in part by testing them on a real body to see how well they move and function when worn.

Consistent Work

Being a fit model for a designer, manufacturer or fashion house can sometimes prove to be a more steady and consistent form of work with an hourly wages rate that may last for an extended period of time or even permanent for the same client through decades, contrary to other more mainstream model categories, which tend to be more unpredictable and short lived.

Furthermore, fit models may have up to several clients during an average work day, dividing their time by a few hours or more at each client.


Although a fitting model is required to have ideal proportions, height and size measurements vary from each designer’s preferences and retailers clothing lines, in relation to the target customers. But because they are wearing and testing industry standard sized prototypes before the final versions are created, it is of outmost importance for a fit model to stay the exact same measurements they were hired for at all times. Deviating even an inch may result in immediate seize of contract.

They can however be older and are usually also part of the creative team, giving their advice and suggestions as the project moves along.

In addition, some fit models may even have an educational background related to the fashion industry. Although not a requirement, some may have prior schooling or knowledge of textiles and garments.

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