Freelance Modeling

Freelance Modeling

Freelance Modeling Description

Freelancing is a very common and often used term for describing non-exclusive models who are attached to multiple agencies in different regions simultaneously.

But freelance models can also be completely independent models with no contractual attachment to any agent or agency and therefore act as their own marketer. They negotiate and set their own contractual fees, while promoting themselves through various sites, networks, social media and forums on the internet to develop professional relationships and acquire assignments from new potential clients.

More than a Hobby

Although many self-proclaimed models spend their time freelancing, many do so mainly as a passion driven hobby, creating pictures with like-minded freelance photographers at no cost to any of them, with the sole aim of beautiful pictures as the outcome.

Higher Business Focus

With very many job offers circling around, it is entirely possible to create a successful freelance career and make a living of it in the process. But being dependent on oneself can be a scary thing and therefore, it requires a higher business minded focus and will to persevere.

Freelance Safety

Freelancing entirely alone, unattached to any agent or agency, a freelance model has to make the necessary precautions when concerning the importance of both legal, economical and physical safety. Because freelance models are more vulnerable and the world filled with a broad range of diverse people, clients must be thoroughly researched and green lighted in advance to avoid potential scams and dangers.


Height, stats and measurements vary greatly and depend on each individual assignment, the client’s preference, the product, the audience it’s for and so on, although being edgy or good looking is a typical recurring standard.

Being without an agency, necessitates for all marketing and promotion to be done by the model, therefore the more and better the model becomes at branding and networking, the higher the probability of success.

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