Glamour modeling

Glamour Modeling

Glamour Modeling Description

Glamour models may be male, but are mostly associated with females who are attractive with emphasis on the stereotypically female accentuations, which attracts the typical male audience. Unlike other types of commercial modeling where a model promotes a certain product, in glamour modeling, the product can also be the actual model herself.

Glamorous Work

With that being said, it’s also not unusual for a glamour model to attend promotional work, appearing at events and shows. Yet unlike the usual promotional model, who may have a bigger interactive role with customers and potential clients, glamour models usually attend with prior as eye candy, but may also sometimes serve in strategic psychological brand association marketing.

Other than shows, tv commercials, music videos and events, glamour models frequently appear in male oriented publications, typically for cars, motorcycles, men’s lifestyle and the like, where they attract viewers’ attention to themselves for their physical appeal and for product advertising purposes as well, ranging through many types and varieties such as calendars, posters and intimate alluring clothes and outfits to name but a few.

Alluring Apparel

A glamour model’s attire usually conforms to tight clothes with focus on accenting the female forms, and sometimes topless and even stretching further into implied nudity, which shouldn’t be mistaken for exotic nudity, which is a category favoring a more mature theme.

Specialized Agency or Freelance

Although there are some glamour specialized model agencies, glamour models tend to be either tied to several agencies because it is a specialized category where work might be somewhat limited, or in the case of most, they do self-promoting through social media or various internet forums and deal with clients directly, establishing forms, contracts and pay together with the present company or client.


The requirements for glamour models are significantly different from most others in the sense of having no traditional height or decisive age prerequisites. The most prominent feature is the classical stereotypical attractiveness. Because of the frequent seductive nature of glamour modeling, a model needs to be 18 years old or of age as a very minimum in line with the laws of the current state or country.

Typically, glamour models may continue working in this category up into their mid-twenties and continue into their thirties if they achieve a certain level of success and recognition throughout the span of their career.

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