Hair & Beauty Modeling

Hair & Beauty Modeling

Hair & Beauty Modeling Description

These models are as the title outlines, tasked to specifically promote brands focused on hair and beauty products.

These can be anything related to hair and beauty care such as creams, moisturizers, lotions, shampoo, conditioners, hair colouring products, makeup, accessories and so on.


Especially for hair models, it is required that they agree to various hair experimentations in order to book work. These modifications may range from just styling the hair to more invasive changes like colouring and ultimately also changing haircuts entirely.

Because the hair is handled by industry specialists and experts in their field, the hair is usually in good hands and won’t suffer too much from all the applied stress.

Hair models do of course have a say in what procedures they agree to have done, but naturally the more that is being crossed off the list, the lesser the chances for booking work.

Models who promote beauty products may well be required to often wear makeup for prolonged periods of time, while having photos taken up close under bright and sometimes warm lights.

We all know that makeup by and large, is not too good for the skin, but because there is such an emphasis on facials details in beauty work, it’s even more important in beauty modeling, that the skin can handle the stress of these harsh work routines.

This becomes even more true, as the cameras nature in beauty work, is very close and able to capture many details. Therefore a model doing beauty work, has to place greater focus and care to their skin, as to avoid any breakage, rashes or anything else that could risk their abilities to book beauty work.


Because of the close focus on the face and hair, there are no restrictions on height as opposed to the needs of a beautiful face that compliments the hair along with a great smile, and not to forget the most important trait; strong, good length, dense and shiny hair.

Because the face plays such a huge role of focus in beauty modeling, the face itself has to be both proportionate and symmetrical when viewed from all angles. The skin has to be smooth and flawless with no visible artifacts, scars or blemishes.

Since the market targets a large demographic, there are no restrictions for models of either ethnicities or age.

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