Lingerie & Swimsuit Modeling

Lingerie & Swimsuit Modeling
Lingerie & Swimwear Modeling Description

Underwear models walk in fashion runway shows, appear in magazine publications and commercial catalogues for designers, brands and stores.

Rigorous Exercising

Even more true for swimsuit models is that they work out nonstop, as it is required of them to be in shape and have a perfect physique at all times. Working out 4 or 5 times a week is not out of the ordinary for a swimsuit or bikini model and so they constantly have to monitor and be conscious about what they eat.

Swimsuit Agencies

Agencies representing a swimsuit division are more commonplace in smaller or local markets, whereas in larger mainstream markets, this particular underwear division, is more frequently blurred together with the remaining editorial or commercial section of an agency’s model list.


Wearing very little will require confidence, a toned proportional body and a healthy look. As mentioned, underwear models spend a lot of time and effort to stay in great shape, working out regularly, eating healthy and taking good care of their skin and avoiding tanned lines.

While still having to meet the strict requirements of runway models when walking shows, requirements may differ for catalogue shoots where a model may get away with being shorter because of how the pictures are framed and shot, which makes the model appear higher than they truly are.

Some catalogues even have the tendency to frame from the knees up, further disguising the true height of the model. From this perspective, it’s understandable how height is not so much favored as opposed to having a great body physique, which is the most important trait.

Although 5’7” (170 cm) and up is a great height for swimwear models, there is no hard height requirement, and it all comes down to the client, the brand, the photographer, how they like the model and if the model is able to sell their clothes.

Other than that, traits that are looked favorably upon, which have significant influence are; having long legs, a thin slender hip for lingerie models, while bikini and swimsuit models may have curvier proportions. While not a definite necessary, being slightly tanned is also a plus.

Both lingerie and swimwear models must have fuller busts, minimal visible skin flaws like cellulite and scars, no tattoos and not be overly toned as to become more fitness focused. And lastly but equally important is having great teeth and hair.

Male underwear models, should also have thin waists but broad shoulders. They are also required to be toned, have great teeth and hair and minimal visible skin flaws and not too much body hair.

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