Name: Allyson Windell
Born: 1999

Nationality: United States
Model Since: 2016

Height: 5’8″  173 cm
Weight: 130 lb  59 kg

Bust: 34″ – 86 cm

Waist: 25 – 64 cm

Hips: 35″ – 89 cm

See more of me @ &

In a few words, how would your friends describe you?
Hardworking, adventurous, kind.

Where did you grow up in the world, and where do you model now?
I’m from Sykesville, MD and I currently model for local photographers.

How did you get or break into the modeling industry?
I got into modeling because it’s been my dream job since I was young. Local photographers started direct messaging me after seeing some photos I posted on Instagram. Since I’m just starting I’ve just been doing local jobs but I plan on sending applications into agencies online in the near future.

How long have you been modeling and what categories do you focus on?
I have been modeling for about a year or so now. I love outdoor, fashion, makeup, but also enjoy trying new types of shoots.

What was your most memorable shoot experience and why?
My most memorable shoot experience was an outdoor nature shoot for a local photographer because I was just really happy with the styling and the location. The photographer was great and her pictures turned out so amazing.

What would you say is your special trait or defining feature?
I’ve always been told my defining feature is my eyes.

The Walks Model Interview - Allyson Windell 2


Could you take us through your favorite modeling pose or situational expression?
My favorite pose is when I’m sitting and looking into the camera but my head is slightly tilted back and straight faced.

What is an absolute must for you to bring with you on a shoot?
I always have to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes, sometimes the places you go can be difficult to get to and if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes for the trip it can be difficult!

If you had any intimidating or frustrating moments, how did you overcome it?
My first modeling job wasn’t intimidating because I’m only 17 and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. During that time I just remembered going out of your comfort zone and following your passion bring great things in the end.

What’s your favorite activity or hobby when you’re not modeling?
I like to go to the gym or play softball.

Do you have any tricks or routines for staying happy and healthy?
Always start the day out with a healthy breakfast. When you start your day right, sticking to eating good becomes easy! My key to staying happy is to follow your dreams and to not worry what other people have to say about it.

As trends change, how do you renew your image every now and then?
I love to shop so I might get a new in style piece once in a while. But honestly if you look in your closet there’s always an outfit that fits the trends, you might just have to rearrange different pieces that maybe you haven’t thought about putting together before.

The Walks Model Interview - Allyson Windell 3


If you study or work another job while modeling, how do you manage?
I currently am in high school and work a part time job as a hostess. I try to plan my schedule way ahead of time to make sure nothing is double booked.

And what would you love to be doing in 5 years from now?
In college and modeling for an agency.

Would you do anything different today if you had to start over?
I would have already joined an agency.

Insecurities and fear of rejection are taboo, but what’s your thought on it?
Everyone is so used to their own features that they criticize the details about themselves. A stranger seeing you for the first time most likely can only see how beautiful you are. Don’t get down on yourself because you think you’re not good enough because you are!

If you could change anything about modeling, what would that be?
I would like to see more plus sized models, a more diverse group of models, and just people who aren’t 6 foot and super thin. All people should be showed off for their beauty.

And what’s your best advice for aspiring models reading this?
You can be a model. You are good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, you are enough! Don’t give up on your dream because you think you can’t do it.

The Walks Model Interview - Allyson Windell 4


The Walks Model Interview - Allyson Windell 5


The Walks Model Interview - Allyson Windell 6


Model: Allyson Windell.
Photographer on pictures 2-6: Naturally vivid photography @
Some images were subject to editorial modification.

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