Name: Ella Parsons
Born: 1996

Nationality: United Kingdom
Model Since: 2014


Height: 5'8"    173 cm
Weight: 123 lb    56 kg


Bust: 34"    86 cm


Waist: 25"     64 cm


Hips: 34"     86 cm


Agency Representation:

Base Models

Bridge Models

Bame Models


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellaparsonss/?hl=en - @ellaparsonss
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/ellaaparsons?lang=en - @ellaaparsons


The Walks Model Interview - Ella Parsons 2


In a few words, how would your friends describe you?
I would say my friends would describe me as a very chilled and laid back person who is sporty and loves being outdoors and going on new adventures.

Where did you grow up in the world, and where do you model now?
I grew up just off the South coast in a town called Brighton. I mainly model in London now so I travel to and from my home town every time I have a job. It's not too bad however as it's only a 55 minute train journey into london.


Film: Dear John. It might be slightly girly but it's a lighthearted film and who doesn't love a bit of Channing Tatum, haha.
Music: My music taste is a bit of a mixture to be fair, I don't have one specific genre or band I like.
Travel: Bali, I haven't been yet however hopefully that'll change by this time next year.
Beauty: Simple cream or Nivea for moisturising.
Clothes: Brandy Melville has to be one of my favourite shops to go in however I love Zara and also Vans.

The Walks Model Interview - Ella Parsons 3

How did you get or break into the modeling industry?
I once had someone approach me and said I had good model potential but for commercial work due to my height. I then entered a competition for some fun called Top Model UK and won the commercial section so I pursued it from there and signed with my first agency.

How long have you been modeling and what categories do you focus on?
I have now been modelling for 3 full years and oh boy it's been a rollercoaster! I mainly focus on commercial work as said above although I have done multiple catwalks and worked for high fashion brands such as MaxMara, Triumph, Zara etc.

The Walks Model Interview - Ella Parsons 4


How did you gain the confidence to become a model?
I think a lot of confidence building comes from once you put your head in the door as from pretty much the word go you're criticized, examined and having to put yourself out there. If you don't, no one else will. I've certainly come out of my shell since I first started.

What was your most memorable shoot experience and why?
My most memorable moment must've been on set once for a music video. They had hired a fairground to a massive warehouse and coloured paint and dust so the whole day we were shooting going on rides and getting covered in different colours. At the time I was only 16 however it stuck in my head as I remember having such a good time!

The Walks Model Interview - Ella Parsons 5

1: My favourite snack food which would have to be dairy milk chocolate! I'm a sucker for it.

2: Water, got to keep myself refreshed and hydrated.

3: If it was a cold island then bed socks! If not, I would probably take a bikini so I could go for a swim and live in it!

What would you say is your special trait or defining feature?
I still have yet to find out what my special feature is or what I would say stood out but I think my personality when I meet people stands out as people say 'you're such a happy person' and I believe I am! I love what I do and if people like me for that then that's great.

Could you take us through your favorite modeling pose or situational expression?
I love having objects or furniture to play with on shoots so you can place your feet and legs on things or rest your body so you can get a certain position of posture. I also enjoy crouching down and playing around with resting my head on my arms in certain ways.

The Walks Model Interview - Ella Parsons 6


What is an absolute must for you to bring with you on a shoot?
For me turning up to set in a pair of flats is the number one thing I would do as if you have to wear heels all day then at the end you have comfortable shoes to put on! Feels amazingg.

If you had any intimidating or frustrating moments, how did you overcome it?
I would say at the start I used to hate people looking at me if we had to go into a public place or shoot outside however now I just accept people will look and again it comes with confidence, you get used to it.

What's your favorite activity or hobby when you're not modeling?
Doing some form of sport whether it be simply the gym or skiing, surfing, hiking etc! I love being active. 

The Walks Model Interview - Ella Parsons 7


Do you have any tricks or routines for staying happy and healthy?
I wash my face every night before bed and simply moisturise it, otherwise I don't put too much on my skin! Just keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating a balanced diet.

As trends change, how do you renew your image every now and then?
I keep my portfolio updated every couple of months and as I grow, my face changes too so I don't necessarily change my image completely but I do keep up to date with my images.

If you study or work another job while modeling, how do you manage?
Time management is a big thing however up until this moment I have only been doing modelling and acting but now I am currently trying to start up my own swimwear company under the name Pretty Lethal (@pretty.lethal) so I will see if it becomes a challenge!

And what would you love to be doing in 5 years from now?
I would love to have an established company and to still be working in the modelling industry but working with bigger names! That would be awesome. I'm sure every model says it but VS* really would be a dream of mine tehe! (*Victoria's Secret - Editor, The Walks).

Would you do anything different today if you had to start over?
No, I wouldn't change the past. If anything I'd start with what I know now otherwise I'm happy with everything that has happened, it has certainly helped me to grow. 

Insecurities and fear of rejection are taboo, but what's your thought on it?
They definitely are however it's something in this industry that you just have to deal with, If you don't, it can really get to you. Everyone is looking for something different and the industry is tough so you have to be strong. Don't let criticism get you down as what someone doesn't like about you, someone else will love. 

The Walks Model Interview - Ella Parsons 9


If you could change anything about modeling, what would that be?
I believe some agencies have actually got rid of this and it is slowly dying out but the whole 'model body' where you have to be skinny and to some degree unhealthy to get down to a weight an agency says Is acceptable. I think this gives off a bad body image to others especially young girls who look up to some super models. I think a stunning body is one which is healthy and active.

And what's your best advice for aspiring models reading this?
Be very careful with who you contact as some people who claim they are in the industry are not and can scam you hard! Believe me as this happened to me. If they are making you pay to join an agency, 99% of the time they are not legit.

If you are also under 18, make sure you take a parent or a friend with you to a job at first if it's freelance.

The Walks Model Interview - Ella Parsons 10


Editorial Credits:

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Hair Stylist:
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