Name: Jenna Marie
Born: 1998

Nationality: United States
Model Since: 2015

Height: 5’9″  175 cm
Weight: 122 lb  55 kg

Agencies: Modern Promos & Raw Talent Clothing Co

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In a few words, how would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as very kind and motivated. I always try to be kind and thoughtful to those around me. If I get started on something and have my mind set on a goal, I go for it and work hard to get there.

Where did you grow up in the world, and where do you model now?
I grew up an hour from Chicago, and do most of my modeling in the Chicago area.

How did you get or break into the modeling industry?
I have found most of my jobs by making profiles and applying to castings I find.

How long have you been modeling and what categories do you focus on?
I have been modeling since 2015, and mainly focus on fashion and commercial.

What was your most memorable shoot experience and why?
My most memorable shoot experience was when I got to walk in New York Fashion Week. It was a blast and a great opportunity getting to walk for designers down the runway.

What would you say is your special trait or defining feature?
I would say my special trait is my eyes. The main compliment I get is on my eyes and how they look.

Model Jenna 1-2 The Walks Interview


Could you take us through your favorite modeling pose or situational expression?
My favorite thing to do while posing is to mess with my hair. I like the look of my hand up in my hair like I’m brushing it out of my way.

What is an absolute must for you to bring with you on a shoot?
Whenever I go on a shoot I have to bring lipstick. I like to freshen it up throughout the shoot.

If you had any intimidating or frustrating moments, how did you overcome it?
One of my less pleasurable modeling moments is when I was under a waterfall that was freezing cold. My body was changing colors and I was shaking horribly. I wanted to get a great shot, so I tried to relax my body as much as possible, to help prevent the shaking. Luckily, relaxing was pretty helpful.

What’s your favourite activity or hobby when you’re not modeling?
My favorite thing to do when I am not modeling is to get some snacks and have a relaxing movie night with some friends. Nothing is better than food and Netflix.

Do you have any tricks or routines for staying happy and healthy?
A great tip for staying happy is to take time to do what you want. If you work all day and are stressed, then you need to take some time to do something you really enjoy. That may me sitting down and knitting a sweater or going to town to have a shopping spree, or just hanging out with people who are fun and make you happy.

As trends change, how do you renew your image every now and then?
To keep up with trends, every now and then I will get rid of some old clothing items, and get newer trendier ones in their place. Sometimes I will also recolor my hair to keep it fresh looking.

Model Jenna 1-3 The Walks Interview


If you study or work another job while modeling, how do you manage?
I have other part time jobs besides modeling, and I try to schedule things as best as I can. The key is to stay organized, and always give yourself enough time for everything you need to do.

And what would you love to be doing in 5 years from now?
In 5 years, I would like to be doing the same thing I am now. I want to continue to model, as well as have my other jobs on the side for extra income.

Would you do anything different today if you had to start over?
I don’t think there is anything I would do differently if I could. My experience in modeling has been great. I have met some amazing people and have had some great experiences.

Insecurities and fear of rejection are taboo, but what’s your thought on it?
I know it can be hard to do sometimes, but you shouldn’t let rejection bother you. Rejection happens to everyone all the time. You have to focus on the positive and think about all of the acceptance you have had instead.

If you could change anything about modeling, what would that be?
I would change the way some people view modeling if I could. Some people think it is just a way for unintelligent girls to show off their looks, and that is not at all the case. Models can be very bright and intelligent. Modeling is simply to help sell clothing or help sell any other product, by seeing how people use it.

And what’s your best advice for aspiring models reading this?
For aspiring models, I would say be safe, be smart, and be a hard worker. Being safe is very important, so always make sure you do background checks on people or companies you may work with. Be smart, if a job isn’t right for you, or you have a bad feeling about something then don’t do it. Finally, be hard working, modeling is a job, you need to be on time, you need to be prepared, and you need to give it your best effort.

Model Jenna 1-4 The Walks Interview


Model Jenna 1-5 The Walks Interview


Model: Jenna Marie.
Photographer on picture 1: D. Michael, 3 & 5 (left): Joe Pagan, 4: Adam Austin.
Some images were subject to editorial modification.

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