Name: Kyria Jaide Hughes
Born: 1996

Nationality: United States
Model Since: 2016

Height: 5’7″  170 cm
Weight: 105 lb  47 ½ kg

Bust: 30″ – 76 cm

Waist: 24 – 61 cm

Hips: 34″ – 86 cm

Agencies: JC models CT & Flaunt Management NY

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In a few words, how would your friends describe you?
Very happy and kind. Always ambitious and ready to try new things.

Where did you grow up in the world, and where do you model now?
Grew up in Connecticut and began modeling in Ct. I am hoping by the end of the year to be modeling more in New York.

How did you get or break into the modeling industry?
I’ve always loved modeling and photography. I took a lot of my own pictures at first and then I realized I should just go for it in the modeling industry. Then I began working with JC models in CT.

How long have you been modeling and what categories do you focus on?
Almost a year. I love fashion photography and portraits.

What was your most memorable shoot experience and why?
Making my comp card, I was able to get feedback and perfect myself.

What would you say is your special trait or defining feature?
Great cheekbones! Pretty eyes too.

Model Kyria 1-3 The Walks Interview


Could you take us through your favorite modeling pose or situational expression?
I love the serious look, your eyes do most of the shining and your facial expression has to match the serious tone. Putting two hands on the hips adds a daring look and it’s a signature model pose.

What is an absolute must for you to bring with you on a shoot?
Extra shoes and personal skin care!

If you had any intimidating or frustrating moments, how did you overcome it?
Just relax and stay calm. Think about it and then go for it again.

What’s your favourite activity or hobby when you’re not modeling?

Do you have any tricks or routines for staying happy and healthy?
Gym 2-3 times a week, I don’t eat red meats and I drink as much water as possible!

As trends change, how do you renew your image every now and then?
I love changing my style including my hair, I usually mimic some fashion trends and put my own style on top of it.

Model Kyria 1-4 The Walks Interview


If you study or work another job while modeling, how do you manage?
I work a part time job and go to school full time, it’s all about scheduling. It’s sort of like a puzzle you have to play around with everything to make it fit.

And what would you love to be doing in 5 years from now?
Walking the VS runway, participating in NYFW have a Vogue cover!!

Would you do anything different today if you had to start over?
Not a thing!

Insecurities and fear of rejection are taboo, but what’s your thought on it?
Not everyone is going to favor me, I understand that and it doesn’t bother me, as long as I know I’m doing the right thing and looking good in my shoots then I’m happy.

If you could change anything about modeling, what would that be?
Height requirements 🙁

And what’s your best advice for aspiring models reading this?

Model Kyria 1-2 The Walks Interview


Model Kyria 1-5 The Walks Interview


Model: Kyria Jaide Hughes.
Photographers: Victor Espinal and Kyria Jaide Hughes.
Some images were subject to editorial modification.

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