Name: Mila Chernikova
Born: 1994

Nationality: United States
Model Since: 2012


Height: 5'9"   175 cm
Weight: 125 lb    56 kg


Bust: 34"    86 cm


Waist: 24"     61 cm


Hips: 34"     86 cm


Agency Representation:

Oscar Modeling Agency
(Los Angeles)

Chic Models


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The Walks Model Interview - Mila Chernikova 2


In a few words, how would your friends describe you?
My friends would describe me as creative, talented, kind, selfless, adventurous and loyal. I strive to be a friend that others can depend on when times are tough, can laugh with when times are good, and enjoy every second that we spend together to the fullest.

Where did you grow up in the world, and where do you model now?
I grew up in Canton Ohio, and am now based out of Cleveland Ohio. I, however, model worldwide!


Film Series
Game of Thrones

Music Genre
Pop and R&B

Travel Destination

Beauty Products
MAC Cosmetics

Clothes Brand

The Walks Model Interview - Mila Chernikova 3


How did you get or break into the modeling industry?
I was scouted by a handful of agents over social media, and then signed with the agencies that I thought would be the best fit for me!

How long have you been modeling and what categories do you focus on?
I have been modeling since 2012! I mainly focus on shooting swimwear and fashion for brands but I also enjoy freelance shoots with known photographers as well.

The Walks Model Interview - Mila Chernikova 4


How did you gain the confidence to become a model?
While growing up I was an athlete! I was in gymnastics, played soccer, ran track, swam, and played basketball. I believe competing gave me a lot of confidence within myself. Even if I had a bad day and our team didn't win, I still saw my potential and felt like I accomplished something. When you realize you have potential at something, confidence comes easy! Once I started modeling and started receiving compliments on my work, I saw my potential and the confidence followed! I take criticism in a positive way. I either learn from it to better myself, or use it as fuel to keep going!

What was your most memorable shoot experience and why?
In 2016 I shot in Jamaica. It's my most memorable experience because I was just blown away by the beauty of the island, and the friendliness of the locals.

The Walks Model Interview - Mila Chernikova 5

1: A friend! So I wouldn't be bored and would have a hunting partner. Finding food and water would be a lot easier with the help of somebody else!


2: A satellite phone in case of an emergency.


3: A mosquito net, I hate those little vampires!


What would you say is your special trait or defining feature?
My ability to connect with others. I enjoy getting to know people for who they are, what they aspire to be and to hear the story of their adventures they have had to get where they are today. In today's world, it's so easy to impact others in a positive way through social media and other outlets. Being a positive influence on others and making the world a better place is truly what motivates me to be the best person that I can be.

Could you take us through your favorite modeling pose or situational expression?
I love shooting by the ocean! For me, it's a very invigorating shoot because I can simultaneously be connected to the ocean and the camera at the same time. I love connecting with nature just as much as I love modeling!

The Walks Model Interview - Mila Chernikova 6


What is an absolute must for you to bring with you on a shoot?
I always bring lotion because I hate dry skin, makeup for touch-ups in case there's not a makeup artist or the makeup artist leaves early, business cards, comp cards, snacks, and music.

If you had any intimidating or frustrating moments, how did you overcome it?
In general, music can help me overcome anything! Alongside of modeling, I am also a singer-songwriter, and writing has helped me through some frustrating times. Putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper is my way of healing. If I'm at a photo shoot though and I'm frustrated I'll ask if I can turn on my favorite tunes, or just do a few deep breathing exercises. Within seconds I'm feeling back to normal!

What's your favorite activity or hobby when you're not modeling?
Making music! My love for singing and writing are just as strong!

The Walks Model Interview - Mila Chernikova 7


Do you have any tricks or routines for staying happy and healthy?
I moisturize every day and exercise lightly, do hair masks every other day, and eat healthy. I also try to get good sleep, control my stress, drink plenty of water, and limit my sun exposure.

As trends change, how do you renew your image every now and then?
Following brands and being active on social media helps keep me stay up to date with things. If I feel a bit stuck I'll seek advice and help from professionals. For example, I love changing up my hair color, and if hair trends change I'll meet with an experienced stylist for something modern. Every time I change something I also update my portfolio!

If you study or work another job while modeling, how do you manage?
I find it to be easy, as long as I stay organized. I keep schedule on a calendar and write agendas for each day so everything gets done.

The Walks Model Interview - Mila Chernikova 8


And what would you love to be doing in 5 years from now?
I'd still love to be modeling and singing 5 years from now!

Would you do anything different today if you had to start over?
Nope, no regrets just lessons learned!

Insecurities and fear of rejection are taboo, but what's your thought on it?
People like what they like! If you aren't their cup of tea, you'll be somebody else's. Just be the best that you can be, and never give up!

The Walks Model Interview - Mila Chernikova 9


If you could change anything about modeling, what would that be?
The stereotypes! The typical thoughts that models are all unhealthy with eating disorders, and are unintelligent, etc.

Most models that I've met live very healthy lifestyles and are some of the most intelligent people I've ever met. The majority of models don't just model for a living. Even very famous ones! Many are in other forms of entertainment, own their own businesses, are in school, have degrees, some have multiple degrees, and are successful human beings.

And what's your best advice for aspiring models reading this?
Life is tough! If you think modeling will be easy, think again! If you want to be successful as a model, there are many things you need to have! Self-love, self-respect, self-discipline, love, and respect for others, dedication and persistence, patience, and the ability to deal well with stress and criticism. Just keep going, and never give up!

Mila, thank you for the interview
Thank you very much, and you can connect with me on any of my social media platforms.

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