Model Mindset

Model Mindset
Model Mindset

If you’ve just completed the Mindset Quiz, then you probably realize even more by now, that successful modeling requires a certain understanding and mindset.

What we’re shown in the media is only the surface view of a much larger whole. What we see is the end result long after all the work and struggles that were put in, which finally led up to that closing moment.

Work that starts with education and knowing about the modeling business, to persevere and overcome difficult obstacles that would otherwise demoralize and break a person from pursuing a career as a model.

One of the major recurring causes of distress is being rejected by a model agency or at a casting. For someone recently introduced to the business without prior knowledge, it can be really tough to handle.

We all want to feel accepted so when we’re suddenly facing a situation where we’re not, the potential danger lies within us trying to come up with reasons for it. We start to analyze the countless things we may have done wrong including our behavior and personality to try to find an explanation.

It’s very self destructive and given enough negative fuel, it may spin completely out of control and lead to many psychological and health related problems.

Understanding Rejection

Realizing that models are products needed by clients for their editorial, marketing or sales projects, is a giant leap towards harnessing the protective layer needed to withstand the negative side effects of rejection.

In this business, it’s all about the client and their vision.

The client will choose a model they envision, based off of their predefined project criteria. Clients aren’t rejecting models because they find a model unattractive or otherwise uninteresting, but merely because they’re intent on some specific attributes and sometimes something of a slightly more undefinable nature, such as the vibe and chemistry between client and model.

Body Type & Health

Did you know that there is a multitude of different body types? Well, this is important because having one type, while trying to achieve another is not likely to happen without some serious health risks involved.

If someone constantly makes demands of you to lose weight in a specific area, which just isn’t natural for your particular body type, it’s an invitation to spiral down a very dangerous path. You may start to believe that you’re not good enough and that something is wrong with you, which in turn then may lead to nutrition related illnesses, depression, anxiety and more.

Even in the modeling business, people aren’t always going to be perceptive enough to objectively realize that the flaws they point out, aren’t flaws at all or even related to leading an unhealthy lifestyle, but are merely related to having a specific and perfectly natural body type other than what they’ve envisioned.

Save yourself the stress and don’t try to change your body type. Those that’ve tried, have only been able to keep it up for so long before finally collapsing. Instead, you may work on ways that bring out your strengths the best way possible, but if someone repeatedly tells you to change your body, it’s perhaps time and for the best to just walk away.

Career Commitment

There’s no doubt that modeling is both time consuming and demanding work. It has to be if a model is to take their career seriously. The market is fierce and the competition is brutal, which demands for dedicated commitment in order to advance successfully as a model.

Modeling takes place during regular school and work hours, and although possible to maintain alongside other activities, it goes without saying that allocating more time and effort into modeling, will yield better results.

School or Modeling

Everything comes at a price however, and if the majority of time is spend on advancing a model career, there won’t be much time for school in return. Sure, nowadays schools can be flexible and allow for studies during weekends, evenings or even online, but if those options aren’t available, then most will agree that school shouldn’t be sacrificed over modeling.

Depending on the category, the lifespan of a model career may be very long, lasting an entire life, or the contrary, very short, as seen in the various branches of fashion. In light of that, it’s easy to see that having an education to fall back on, will prove to be a very smart strategy.

Longevity & Future

The market will dictate when a model career is over, but is that it? Does it really end there? The truth is, it doesn’t have to.

Former models may and also do tend to find themselves surrounded by new opportunities in the modeling world, but this time behind the camera. It’s only natural as they’re already familiar with the business, having build a lot of know-how in the industry throughout the course of their career.

Furthermore, the acquired knowledge along with whatever educational background a model has from school, combines for even more opportunities. The modeling industry is vast and doesn’t limit itself to just clients and models, but a whole armada of very interesting and creative industries tied with modeling in one way or another.

Modesty & Opportunity

We all love to be around happy and positive people, opposed to moody and negative ones. Having a humble approach to other creative team members’ effort, will be noticed and greatly valued.

This means being prepared and ready on time, cooperative and showing interest in the team, their efforts and the project.

Sure, a model is the one being photographed, but it’s the makeup artist who uncovers the true beauty potential, while the stylist pulls us into the magical atmosphere and the photographer who skillfully captures all these elements at the right moment.

It’s a team effort where every team member is highly responsible for the end result. Emanating with positivity, will bring out the best in everyone, making for an even better finish, which also reflects back at the model, who of course is displayed in the project for everyone to see.

Being modest is a very likable trait, which may also help in developing lasting friendships and networks even just by positive rumors alone, that later may turn into unprecedented model work or even completely new career opportunities.

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