Parts Modeling

Parts Modeling

Parts Modeling Description

Models specializing within the category of parts modeling are typically hired to show a certain part of their body for commercial purposes in prints, advertisement and television commercials to better showcase and promote a specific product.

The body part can be anything related in association to a given product and has an important role in illustrating a product’s safe usage and functionality, as well as the implied beneficial outcome provided from its use.


In some instances, parts models are hired as stand ins for other models on projects that in particular require multiple shots, both wide and close up, to combine for the most stunning end result with the best of what both worlds has to offer. In photography, a parts model’s specialty part may on occasion also be overlapped by digital manipulation on top of the primary model’s equivalent part, yet again for the most beautifully perceived outcome.

Specialized without Limits 

Models specializing in parts modeling aren’t limited to this type alone and may also do regular modeling work as well in addition, provided of course that the necessary requirements for the category of choice are met.

Furthermore, in smaller cities or market areas with the lack of specialized parts models, it is not at all uncommon for agencies to substitute and use a regular model that by chance also happen to be gifted with exceptionally beautiful body parts or facial details.


It is a necessity that the specific body part has perfect proportions and is in pristine condition, having no visible flaws or undesired artifacts such as scars, spots, blemishes, veins, wrinkles, tattoos or similar. Although there aren’t any height or weight requirements for parts models, they must constantly maintain their modeling body part in focus, at absolute peak condition.

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