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Plus Modeling

Plus Size Modeling Description

Plus size models, also known as Curvy models or by the definition Curve, represent the curvier population and pose in clothes ideal for this market, while also undertaking a broad array of other various commercial assignments. Plus size models are proportionate, beautiful and tall as any other conventional model with the single difference of having fuller curves.

An Ever Hot Topic

Plus size modeling is an ever hot topic in the various medias, on numerous blogs and in the press, with many ongoing debates and discussions ranging from women ideals, role model ethics, conveying health signals, brand sizing disputes and much more.

Much dedication is being applied into changing the current industry perception of the classic model size ideal, with increased awareness on the matter among many representatives, blogs, magazines, photographers, social media and so forth. And in recent times now also notably by model agencies in particular, a few even solely dedicated to plus size models, but also by designers and retailers, in hopes of promoting a more diverse image of the human form, more in tune with reality, compared to the current archetype standards.

Although the market for plus size modeling for most parts has been a minority, it is slowly expanding and increasing with the coming of more awareness in particular to the market demands, upping the need for plus sized modeling work in all modeling categories.


The male equivalent name for a plus size model, is the term brawn. You could say that by applying this term to male models who are on the curvier side, a lot of the earlier unfortunate fuss revolving around the term plus size for female models, relating to a negative misconception of health, has been avoided.


The term plus size, has developed a wide definition across many different modeling categories that often bring new meaning to the term, often mistakenly associated with weight alone, leading many to believe that gaining additional weight, automatically puts a person in the plus size category.

In general the term plus size originated in the fashion industry outlining the same classic proportions as most other agency models, with the main difference of utilizing larger sizing measurements.

As with any other model category, it is expected that the model has great skin, beautiful hair and a smile to match.

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