Print Modeling

Print Modeling

Print Modeling Description

Print, also known as commercial print, means commercial advertising that will appear in ads, both in the general public on billboards and posters you’ll see on the streets, but also in various publications, magazines as well as online media, in campaigns or even on television.

It is part of a very important brand marketing strategy which purpose is to sell a certain product. The model chosen has a key role and vital responsibility to display the product in the best way possible, creating an unique feel and mood in order to attract desires and cravings leading to sales and success for a brand.

The product can be anything from everyday household appliances, beauty products, foods and drinks, jewelry, electronics etc. and even non physical products like vacations, events and happenings.


Because of product diversity and their targeted audience, the requirements for commercial print modeling is very flexible. Since the models required for each ad or campaign is very broad ranging from all ages, sizes, ethnicities and so forth.

Whether a model is assigned or not will come down to what each individual brand is looking for, for the given product which is being promoted.

With the responsibility of a whole brand on their shoulders for a specific product, this broad form of modeling is typically one of the best paid in the entire business. Since an audience is conditioned to want and desire a product presented by a model, commercial models who do print, are often associated with both looking pretty, with a particular emphasis on looking approachable and likable.

Print work usually demands a certain level of appeal and association value with the audience of given product. As mentioned, they need to pretty, meaning having great skin, a great smile and being someone the audience is easily able to identify with.

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