Promotional Modeling

Promotional Modeling

Promotional Modeling Description

Promotional models are hired by a company or brand to interact directly with customers in stores, on the street, at conferences, events, shows, campaigns, concerts, festivals, sporting venues and in clubs as well as private or corporate parties.

As part of a strategic marketing plan, and according to their level of responsibility, they are charged with the task of either promoting, hosting, interviewing or demonstrating a specific product or service to potential customers or on camera, in order to create positive brand awareness, credibility and sales for the company they are hired for.

Promotional models appear in any genre ranging from sports and entertainment to charity and corporate with anything in between.


Promotional modeling often also tie to and blend in with several subdivisions within the category, each with their own role defined through their level of responsibility. Some companies will have promotional model positions with names such as:

Spokesperson, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Staff, Event Staff, Talent, Hostess, and more, all closely related to the main description of promotional modeling.


Promotional models are the only category paid differently from all other modeling categories. Usually, a client will pay a model agency a varying model fee which is determined by factors such as the demand for the particular model, along with the extent and scale of a given project, where the agency then subtracts their commission and forward the remainder to the model.

Promotional models, on the other hand, are uniquely paid on an hourly basis or by a predetermined set amount by the staffing agency, company or otherwise employer in charge.


Promotional models will sometimes need the mental ability to quickly familiarize themselves at expert levels, with a given brand or product they are to promote to an audience with great authority and confidence, according to their level of responsibility.

Mostly however, the work includes familiarizing with more basic questions in nature of general product details, event schedules, prices, dates and similar not all too complicated tasks.

Furthermore, promotional models need to have an outgoing, approachable, likable personality, boasting charisma while also having the ability to attract and raise curiosity.

Promotional modeling is also a less competitive field of modeling compared to most other modeling categories, like those of runway or editorial modeling for instance.

While it’s a plus being tall as it draws more attention in possible crowds, it is not at all required. And because events tend to be lengthy, being able to stand or walk for prolonged intervals without becoming fatigued, is going to be very helpful while working as a promotional model.

And even though there may be times where a promotional model does television work in form of hosting a show or performing interviews, it’s not at all related to acting in the most common sense. The model may but typically doesn’t have to assume a role, as much as just being their real self, which would be preferable and more than sufficient.

Doing camera work as a promotional model may also prove to be a soft stepping stone for a model who is interested in taking a leap into more acting related work and even television and movies down the road. Not that it is the definite way to go, but it makes sense that the extra on-camera experience, does provide some level of beneficial impact.

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