Real People Modeling

Real People Modeling

Real People Modeling Description

This category of modeling portrays models who look like common people from everyday life. They not only look like common people, they are it, because anyone can be a real people model. There are no restrictions in regards to height, body type, looks, ethnicity or age, although usually real people tend to be adults.

Commercial Models

Real people models are commercial models, in much the same way as regular print and advertising models, as they too are hired by companies to showcase and promote products.


The main difference between the two are that where traditional print and advertising models in general always are considered good looking versions of everyday people, real people models may and will often also be attractive, but don’t necessarily have to possess these same typical model looks.

Real people modeling is a very broad category and preferences will vary greatly between the different agencies. The qualities may span from being very beautiful to good looking, handsome, cute, interesting or outright weird and even unattractive as odd as that may sound. There’s a market for everything and so no matter the look, if a person is taken on by an agency, it’s because there is a market for this particular look in that particular area.

Real people models are requested partly because of the advantage of them being more easily relatable to the broad audience of the common demographic with the specific products they promote.


Real people modeling may be the category which holds the least restrictions within the industry. Anyone can be considered if deemed marketable for an agent, regardless of any specific measurements, experience and most other criteria. Much depending on the client, their vision and product, a real people model may boast any numbers of tattoos, piercings, any height, weight, race, age and any type of haircut etc.

Real people modeling agencies will however still have different clienteles of customers, and so some individual requirements will still be needed for them to successfully be able to market a model in their market area of influence.

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